Sunday, March 25, 2007

Friday, February 18, 1977

Forgot to say yesterday that I've stopped reading Green Darkness. Science: All we get are lectures in that room. I hate it so much. I hate the kids, I hate the teachers and the work.

I.A. notes, Art made boxes. English; started reading the Scarlet Letter.

6:00- I Love Lucy. 6:30 - Get Smart. 7-9 - My Man Godfrey. 10:00 - Mary Hartman. 10;30- The Last Man on Earth. 12:30- The Creeping Terror. A stupid movie!

I see I'm still filled with hate and despair...

The Creeping Terror was awful, but I'll always remember it because the monster was just a big carpet.

Thursday, February 17, 1977

Today I got a TV for my birthday (that's in April). It's a 12 inch b/w. It's better than our TV because you can listen with the earphones. And it has instant on. Went to bed at 12:30.

Perhaps my parents were sensing that I was being neglected because of my sister... funny they gave me my birthday present two months early!

Wednesday, February 16, 1977

Everyone is talking about Cheryl's wedding and forgetting about me. I bet there not even going to go to my graduation. No one cares one thing about me; I just sit downstairs and read. I hardly have any friends or anything. I do anything right. I think when i grow up I want to be an actor. I'm getting lots of practice. I put on this act that I'm the quiet brainy type, but lately I've been thinking about killing people and when I do daydream about this, I seem to gain power, I don't know how to explain it. It's like I have a good and evil spirit.

Sometimes the good is present and sometimes the bad. Some times both. But good always seems to dominate. If there was someway to switch the good with the bad I would teach those who have given me insult a lesson. What would I do? I must think about this...

Read King Kong to page 156 went to bed at 12:00.

Wow! I don't know what got into me this day! It think this is a textbook case of the beginning of teenage angst and raging hormones! It's interesting to read this because I remember when the Columbine High School massacre happened, part of me remembered being so angry at everyone that if I had access to a gun I would have shot someone. All that anger and no place to dissipate it considering I would never have talked with my parents. I think this was the beginning of a period of extreme isolation for me that started with my sister's wedding.

Years ago I saw a therapist for a while and talked out a lot of these issues. All is forgiven.

and I never did become an actor... I found out I was terrible at it!

Tuesday, February 15, 1977

Science; He wasn't there so we had Mrs. Particle as a substitute. Did self-exam in I.A. Had the first day of Art with the stupid, crabby teacher we had for English. We were in there for a few minutes when everyone started yelling and making noise when O'Brian (remember her, she was my 6th grade teacher) came in and started yelling.

After school went to the store and got a puzzle with 1000 pieces. 4:00- Sweet November. 6:30- Get Smart. 7:00- Happy Days. 7:30- Laverne and Shirley. 8:00- RM, PM. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Mystery Theatere: The Star Killers.

I've no idea what RM/PM was. I can't find anything on it.

Sweet November was one of my favorite movies of the day; a 1968 movie with Sandy Dennis and Anthony Newley where Dennis plays a dying woman who takes a new lover every month. I never missed it when it was on, I haven't seen it in 30 years.
They recently remade it with Keanu Reeves.

Monday, February 14, 1977

In Gym we played floor hockey. History got a 86 on test. After school watched Valley of the Dolls; they cut so much out it didn't make any sense.

7:00- Paul came over and we went to the library and I got Mystery in the Air. 10:00 Mary Hartman. 10:30- Mystery Theatre - Stamped for Death. 12:00- Started to read King Kong.

I think I mentioned before about the Channel 7 Afternoon movies and how they would cut the films to fit a 1 1/2 time slot. So sometimes they would cut out half of a film to fit it.

Sunday, February 13, 1977

Woke at 11:30. 12:00- ate. All day we sat around and listened to tapes. Randy left at 6:00. 6:00- Donald Duck's Life. 7:00- Space Odyssey: 2001, but didn't really see it because Paul and I were doing homework. 8:30- Oscar's Greatest Moments. 10:30- Mystery Theatre: The Queen of Cats. 12:00.

Saturday, February 12, 1977

Woke at 11:30. 12:15 talked with Randy and told him that we were going to see King Kong, but we left early at 12:30. Went to the show, but first went to get a couple records. 1:30 - King Kong, It was so sad at the end I almost cried. 7:00- Blansky's Beauties. 7:30- Randy came over. 8:00- Bob Newhart Show. 8:00- Lauren and Gail came over. We just sat there and watched All in the Family, Alice and The Carol Burnett Show. At 10:00 We all went downstairs to watch Randy's 8mm films. 11:30- We played Aggravation and we laughed at silly things until 1:00. 2:00- Listened to Burns and Allen. We went to bed when the sun came up at 7:30.

I have no memory of Blansky's Beauties... but it was a spin off of Laverne and Shirley starring Nancy Walker. Somehow it didn't make much of impression. And Lauren and Gail were 2nd cousins of mine who were my age. I have nothing but fond memories of them, we just used to laugh the whole time we were together. I recently ran into Gail at a family members funeral... she was still as giggly and silly 30 years later...

and concerning King Kong. I recently saw the remake of the remake... and I still think the 70s version is better despite the CGI special effects. I found the 2005 version very cold.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friday, February 11, 1977

Today I woke at the usual time. But today Dad took Mom's car. so she took his car, but the car got stuck in the ice. So I didn't go to school in the morning. 9:00- Hollywood Squares. 10:00- Laid down until 11:00, then went to school.
English - O'Keefe is back.
3:30- The Body Kids. 6:30- Get Smart. 7:00- Sonny and Cher. 8:00- The Last Dinosaur. 10:00- Mary Hartman 10:30- House of Seven Corpses. 12:30- The Two Faces of Mr. Jekyll.

There was never anything sweeter than having being able to stay home and watch Hollywood Squares.

The House of 7 Corpses at the time was one of the scariest movies I think I'd seen. It was on a lot, but I still remember being frozen in the big orange chair in the basement, unable to move until it was over.

and I must have liked
the Last Dinosaur...

Thursday, February 10, 1977

The air is warmer. The snow is melting. Spring is here. I think? Science we got a lecture. I.A. Computer data. During lunch our room got in trouble for goofing off.

4:00- Went to the library for a few minutes and got a tape. Fred Allen and Red Skelton; listened to it when it when I got home. 6:30- Paul called and said he was coming over, then watched In Search of Martians. 7:00- Fantastic Journey. 8:00- People's Choice Awards. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Guinness Book of World Records. Went to bed at 12:30.

I remember I loved Fantastic Journey and I think i might have had a tiny crush on Ike Eisenmann. He was on everything.

Wednesday, February 9, 1977

Today in school: I.A. Worked with computers.

3:30- The Grass is Always Greener. 5:00- Listened to tape I got from the libarary: The Wierd Circle. 6:00- Read and finished The Omen. 7:00- Bionic Woman. 8:00- Half hour of Rollerball. 9:00- Tales of the Unexpected. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Mystery Theatre. 11:30- Started Green Darkness. Went to bed at 12:00.

Tuesday, February 8, 1977

Science. He was so mad at us because someone mixed their two substances when the mixes turned yellow. So that means we are not doing experiments for the rest of the year. English/Reading, the teacher is giving us homework by the pound because we were talking.

3:30- How To Marry a Millionaire. 6:00- Listened to tape I got from the library; The Silent Man. 6:30- Get Smart 7:00- Talked to Paul. 7:30- Laverne and Shirley. 8:00- Rich Man, Poor Man. 10:30- The Giant Spider Invasion.

Monday, February 7, 1977

In Gym we started floor hockey. 4:00- Went to the library and got out 5 books. Started "The Omen". 7:00- Paul came over and we listed to Gene's tapes when they started to unravel, so we spent most of the time trying to fix it. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Mystery Theatre, one of the best ones I've ever heard called The Goddess.

Sunday, February 6, 1977

Randy said he's sleeping here on Feb 12. I hope. Woke at 12:40. Didn't do anything today until 3:30. Paul called and told me to come over. At first I didn't want to but then he got me to. I stayed at his house until 5:30. 6:00- Randy called and we talked for 15 minutes. 7:00- Rhoda. 7:30- Phyllis. 8:00- Paul called. 9:00- Talked to Randy. 10:30- Mystery Theatre. 12:45 - Wrote in here. Went to bed at 12:30.

Saturday, February 5, 1977

Woke at 11:00. 11:30- Way Out Games. 12:00- Kid's World. 1:15 World of Survival. 1:30 - As you may remember Randy said he was coming, so he called and said he didn't know what time he would be here. So I waited. 2:30- Here Come the Coeds with Abbott and Costello. 4:30- Green Acres. 5:00- Beverly Hillbillies. 5:30- Called Randy, then his mother called his grandmother's house. He called me back and said it was too late to come over. 6:00- The Goodies. 7:00- Mary Tyler Moore. 7:30- Bob Newhart. 8:30- Alice. 9:00- Carol Burnett. 10:40- - Talked to Randy. 10:50- Talked to Paul. 12:15 - Darling.

As usual, Randy stood me up again. As I've said before, things haven't changed, he's extremely unreliable when it comes to keeping appointments. And I don't remember seeing Darling. I can't believe I'd be interested in seeing a movie like that when I was 13. Must watch it again to see what kept my interest.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Friday, February 4, 1977

I must make this short. Finished mass production and we got our games. Music, we had that same Science substitute teacher, Ms. Wojack for two weeks. Reading, I'm not going to read Count of Monte Cristo, because it was too boring. 3:30- The Immortal. 6:00- I Love Lucy. 6:30- Get Smart. 7:30- The 39 Steps. 10;00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Crucible of Terror. 1:00- Dracula's Castle, but was too tired to stay up and watch it. Went to bed at 1.

Referring to the games we got in I.A. That was what we were mass producing. Somewhere I think I still have it; it was a peg game that was similar to checkers.

The Immortal was one of my favorite TV movies. It was also a series which ran in the early 70s. Per IMDB.COM A professional race-car driver discovers that there are certain properties in his blood that will make him, basically, immortal. A dying multi-millionaire also finds out about the racer's blood, and is determined to get it to keep himself alive.

And Friday night horror movies in Chicago were the best!

Thursday, February 3, 1977

Science. Six kids got in trouble because of yesterday's substitute teacher. I.A. I hate this period. It was going fine until he told me to go to the sanding area, but I didn't go and then he screamed at me to get back to sanding. After sanding awhile he came up to me and said he was sorry. That really hurt my pride. It's bad enough being yelled at by your teacher, but to have him say he was sorry was really humiliating.

In English, O'Keefe is in the hospital for back problems, so we got yesterday's Science substitute. Math, first day sitting in back of McAdams. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Went to bed at 12:15.

Wednesday, February 2, 1977

Science, had substitute. I.A.; we started mass production. I have the easiest job, I drill the pilot hole. Just one hole, it's very easy. Gym, played a groovy game of volley ball. Math, McGuire told Kroner I was talking too much, so he moved me in the back of McAdams, if she says one word to me I'm telling on her.

3:30- The People. 5:30- Taped. 6:30- Get Smart. 7:00- The Bionic Woman. 8:30 - Paul called and we talked to 9:45. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Mystery Theatre. Went to bed at 12:00.

I think I mentioned McGuire and McAdams before, but they were two girls who always picked on me.

Tuesday, February 1, 1977

Today in Science he gave us a lecture on improvement. I.A. We moved the machines so that they resembled an assembly line. In English, Mrs Particle was our sub, but she brought a bunch of little kids in the room with us who were on lunch.

3:30- The Omega Man. 5:00- Gave Eydie my book of Knock on Any Door. Also, taped Burns and Allen from the tape I got from the library. 6:30- Called Dick Lawrence and talked for five minutes. 7:00- Happy Days. 7:30- Laverne and Shirley. 8:00- Rich Man, Poor Man. 10:00- Mary Hartman; Loretta regained her memory. 10:30- A Shot in the Dark. Went to bed at 12:30.

Our Science teacher I think fancied himself another Zig Zigler, he would always give us long lectures about life every few days.

Monday, January 31, 1977

I've been coming down with a cold since Friday, but I haven't been writing about it. Today in school I was sneezing and everything else. In Science, Walis seems changed. I.A. He showed us a creepy film about eye safety. Gym, forgot shoes again.

3:30- The Stranger. 5:00- My Favorite Martian. 6:00- I Love Lucy. 6:30- Get Smart. 7:00- Captain and Tennille. 8:00- The Grammy Awards. 8:30- Took shower. 9:30- Read.

Got report card Reading G, Spelling S, Science S, History G, Math S, I.A S,

10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30 Run for the Money. Then read and finished Knock on Any Door. Went to bed at 12:30.

I'm assuming that Walis got some of the smart ass kicked out of him by his parents.

Sunday, January 30, 1977

Everyday, everywhere the weather is getting worse. Also our natural gas is going. Jimmy Carter's answer is a four day work week and turning down the heat. They say that some homes will not have heat. I will probably laugh at this in July; but in Buffalo there are 10-15 feel drifts.

Woke at 1:00. 3:00-5:00- Union Pacific. 6:00- Went to Gene's new apartment. There we ate spaghetti. 8:00- We watched Roots, the last episode and I didn't tape it. Left at 10:00. 10:30- The Golden Globe Awards. Went to bed at 1:00.

I think everyone was frightened that year. The weather had never been so cold. But like I said, everyone forgot about it July.

Saturday, January 29, 1977

Woke at 12:30 watched a special about violence. 1:00- I watched a special about the hedgehog. 1:30 - When I Grow Up. 2:30- Abbott and Costello in a Night in the Tropics. 4:30- Green Acres. 5:00- Beverly Hillbillies. 5:30- Lucy. 6:00- Goodies. 6:30- Taped. 7:00- Ate. 7:30- Bob Newhart. 8:00- All in the Family. 8:30- Called Randy and talked until 9. 9:00- Roots. 10:00- Playing Soon at a Theatre Near You. 10:30- Called Randy, he's sleeping here on Feb 5. 11:30- Irma la Douce. Went to bed at 2:30.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Friday, January, 28, 1977

Today was a horrible day, weather wise. Let me start with what I did today. 7:00- Paul called to say "There was no school because of the sub-zero weather". I was so excited that I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up and watched Ray Rayner. 8:00- Went back to sleep and woke up at 12:30. It was 13 below zero.

I found out that Freddie Prinze shot himself in the head because of his marriage, his wife left him. Also died was an old man, that I don't know his name, but he was 90!

1:00- Green Acres, 1:30- Lucy, 2:00- All in the Family. 2:30- Match Game. 3:00 The Gong Show. 3:00 It's Alive. 8:00- Roots, 12:00- Countess Dracula. 2:00 The Devil Doll. Went to bed at 3:30.

Go here for an interesting article on what was called the Winter of White Death

and the old man who died was this guy,
Burt Mustin. He was on a lot of sitcoms and movies during this period. Most known for his later appearances on All in the Family.

Thursday, January 27, 1977

No school. Woke at 10:50. 1:00- Green Acres. 2:00- All in the Family. 2:30- Superman. 3:00- The Gong Show. 3:30- I, Monster. I started to feel sort of sick. 5:00- My favorite Martian. 5:30- - Big Blue Marble. Worked on tape. 6:30- Paul called and we talked until 7:10. While we were talking I dropped a 2 quart bottle on my toes.

9:00- Roots. 10:00 - Mary Hartman. 10:30 A little of Good Night America. 12:00- Tonight Show.

Oh yes, Cheryl and I were sitting in the front room watching TV when Sparky blew one, so I got the spray and he then peed all over the place!

Good Night America was one of the first news shows at night; Geraldo was the host.

Wednesday, January 26, 1977

Today, let's talk about gym. Let's face facts, I don't like sports. Now I like sports, but not with kids that think it's the end of the world. Sometimes in gym I don't plan to go, like today because I didn't get much sleep last night. So they treated me like I was a leper.

4:00- Worked on Roots, still having trouble. 7:00- The Bionic Woman. 8-9 Worked on Roots. 9:00- Roots. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Theatre of Blood. Went to bed at 12:45. No school tomorrow, records day.

As time went on, gym really was the thing I dreaded every day. I wish that schools really taught physical fitness and nutrition as opposed to team sports. I mean I wish that I would have been working with weights instead of sitting on the side because no one wanted me on their team.

Tuesday, January 25, 1977

Science, we had a sub. Music, he just let us do our work that we had to do. History, got a 100 on my test! 4:00- Worked on my Roots tape. 7:00- Happy Days. 7:30- The tape seem to be going crazy because their breaking, snapping and everything. 9:00- Roots. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Mystery Theatre. 11:30- Read. Went to bed at 12:30.

I'm unsure what working on my Roots tape meant. It's possible I got in my head to read the whole book aloud, or I know that I taped the audio off of the TV maybe I was transferring it to reel-to-reel cutting out the commercials? I have no memory of doing either.

Monday, January 24, 1977

Another week of school, as if I care. Every day's the same. 9:00 - In Science, Schultz, Walis were making Dykel crack up by making jokes about Roots.

3:30- The Body Snatchers. 5:00- Started homework while listening to Poseidon Adventure on tape. 8:00- Roots, Chapter II. 10:00- Mary Hartman. Read Knock on Any Door to page 300. Went to bed at 12:15.

Sunday - January 23, 1977

Woke at 1. Well nothing happened all afternoon; it was very boring. 3-4 worked on Scrapbook II, or I should say my Mary Hartman scrap book because it has all that stuff that has to do with Mary Hartman in it.

Well time goes by so slow when your not doing anything. 5:00- Beverly Hillbillies. 5:30 - The "new 3 Stooges" 6:00- The Brady Bunch Hour. It is so stupid. GOD, it is so dumb, how could anything like that be on!

Matt bought a $10,000 car. Mike2 came over here when I was taping Roots. Must remember to put on gym shoes.

Went to bed at 12:30.

A couple years ago a DVD of two episodes of the Brady Bunch Variety Hour were release. It is horrible... but hilarious. It makes me very happy to watch it now.

Saturday, January 22, 1977

I woke today at about 11:00 from Mom and Dad screaming about money. You see she bought sheets for Cheryl's bed and he thought she was spending too much money. She got SO mad; she said she would never buy another thing as long as she lived because, and I quote, "I'm unemployed", unquote.

Another big thing of the day was I thought Sparky was sick because he didn't eat his dinner. But we found out that he just didn't like the stuff. So Mom and Dad aren't talking to each other, and the dog may still be sick. This was a real fun day. Went to bed at 3AM after watching Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

I think money was the only thing my parents ever fought about. And I think the fact that my mother was a 'housewife' and hadn't earned any money since 1948 was a constant tension between them. My mother actually didn't keep her promise not to buy another thing again. After my sister got married she started to compulsively buy groceries. This really needs to be another full post on my regular blog because it's such a long story; but in a nutshell she started buying damaged cheap food soon after the wedding and didn't stop for five years, until the basement looked like a homeless food pantry warehouse. Recently after her stroke my sister and I tried to clean the basement up a bit, we threw rusted cans of chicken broth away that had expiration dates on it of 1983.