Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 - The End

This certainly has been an experience revisiting this diary. It's been 30 years since I've written it, and almost as long since I've read it. It's been fascinating for me to visit my former 16 year old self and to see what has radically changed and spooky what is still exactly the same. And it's been fun to have my memory jogged about all the hundreds of hours of forgotten television shows that I watched.

Thanks to everyone whose been reading it and commenting. It's been a long, hard slog to transcribe this thing, so it was nice to know that someone was reading. And at the same time very strange. Who would have thought 30 years ago when I was writing this that people all over the world would be able to read this book that I used to hide behind my dresser.

I wish I would have continued to keep a diary through my teen years... I did my senior year, but it was sporadic and mostly filled with teenage angst diatribes. I threw it away about ten years ago in a purge. It's probably good I stopped this one when I did... as I recall the next year was pretty bleak...

Anyway... best to you all and to all a good night.

Sunday, May 8, 1977

Listen... Let's not write in here this week.

I've too much on my mind. O.K.

Saturday, May 7, 1977

Note: No entries May 5-6.

Finally, I'm caught up in here. Nothing much happened today. Uncle Bruno and Aunt Fran came over. I typed out my first short story. It's called: "I Was a Teenage Vampire".

Jeez... I wish I knew where that short story is today... or maybe not...

May 4, 1977

Note: No entries from April 28-May 3.

Oh God! I was in gym when Hazcowitz's called me to his office to tell me that my grades were slipping. But I'm going to get those grades up so I can go up with Cathy.

Wednesday, April 27, 1977

I finally got up the courage to ask Cathy to go up with me at the graduation. Her answer is that she'll think about it.

Tuesday, April 26, 1977

Got a telephone call from Cathy Brown at 12:00.

Note: No entries for April 24-25.

Saturday, April 23, 1977

I'm writing this on the 7th of May, so I'm only going to write the high points of the week.

Friday, April 22, 1977

The final day. It was almost the same, but we had to stay after school.

Thursday, April 21, 1977

My speech was a failure. I got up there and read everything off of my paper. That was about a minute and a half. To make up time I said stupid things like, "Shirley Jones says to the American people that's it's luxurious to take a bath in Calgon."

Paul came over at 7. 9:00- Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30 - All That Glitters.

I've no memory of this speech or what class it was for...?

Wednesday, April 20, 1977

Science; we watched our first "Feeling Good" film strip. I.A. Worked on tin for my tool box. Gym; played kick baseball.

It was pouring outside. This is the second time I was caught in the rain; I was drenched yesterday. When I got home Cher got her hair cut. Eugene brought me to the library at 3:30. At 4 I had to wait while we went to the car shop. I had a laughing attack.

My sister had always had long 'Cher'-like hair. But she cut it into that Dorothy Hamill look that was so popular.

And my brother although we didn't have much to say to each other, could sometimes make me laugh until I peed...

Tuesday, April 19, 1977

Today it was a rainy day, and cloudy and everything like that. In Science, "Feeling Good" He named off the names of those who might not pass. That God my name wasn't on the list. I.A. Started working on my tool box. Art, worked on my Mickey Mouse. English, O'Keefe wasn't there so Mrs. Particle took us to the lunch room.

From 1:30- 2:15 - It was the first practice for graduation. We sang "I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing" and "A Time For Us".

9:00- Listened to The Shadow. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30 - All That Glitters.

I love how during our "Feeling Good" science class he took the time to humiliate all the people who were failing.

Monday, April 18, 1977

Science. Started "New Feeling Good" program. In Gym, he made us run around the park and the ones who walked did it over. I was one of them. I'll skip the rest of the day and tell you about "All That Glitters".

"All That Glitters" is a simply about a world where women have men's roles and visa-versa. What I've seen of it, it's pretty good. But nothing can top Mary Hartman; Tom's accused of a murder he didn't do.

Went to bed at 12:30.

My memories of this show are pretty strong. Created by Norman Lear, he tried to do another comic soap opera. Lois Nettleton played a executive and she had a simpering man at home who was her house-husband. Linda Grey played a (wo)manizer, and I think that Gary Sandy played a bimbo secretary. All the roles were reversed. Even then I though the premise was extremely sexy and it made me 'feel weird'... It had a very short run, maybe 3 months or so. My only really clear memory of it was that Gary Sandy had really long feather-cut hair that I was envious.

A bit of trivia is that the song, You Don't Bring Me Flowers was written to be it's theme song. But instead they used some strange rap song about God creating Eve and then Adam*. It's one of those things I'm sure I'll never see again.

*One morning the Lord she woke up to say
I feel like I wanna be creative today
So by virtue of the power I've invested in me
I'll make the Heaven, Earth and the deep blue sea.
Things that swim, fly, walk by, creep and crawl
Now I better make someone to name them all.
Yes, a human was needed in the neighborhood
So the Lord made woman, and it was good.
She said the Garden of Eden's no place to be alone
So from the rib of the madame came Adam full grown.
As time went by this groom and brideFollowed the instructions, and multiplied.
She's hunt, he'd cook, she'd work, he'd play
While she administered the government, he crocheyed.
She wore the male, he wore the veil
Her head was crowned, his feet were bound
He concubined and walked behind
She was, to pardon the expression, the mastermind.
So is it any wonder that the men complain
When from the dawn of time it's been a woman's domain.

Sunday, April 17, 1977

Woke at 12:00. All day I worked on projects like embroidering a panda bear and a wooden bird on a stick.

7:00- Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes. The women won.

10:00- Monty Python.

Embroidering a panda bear? WTF?!!!

Saturday, April 16, 1977

We woke up at 6. I was crabby and didn't really get out of bed until 8. We started downtown at 9. Got to the museum at 11:30. I had number 4707 and after 3 1/2 hours of looking at Museum exhibits we finally got in their at 3. The treasures were marvelous and I might see them again. We got home at 6. 6:15 The Goonies. 6:30- The Odd Couple. 7:00- Mary Tyler Moore. 7:30- Bob Newhart. Randy left at 9:15. I went to bed at 11.

The exhibit we went to was the treasures of King Tut exhibit that was touring the country. It was such a huge deal that year. Steve Martin had that King Tut song which was a number one hit. Everyone was Tut crazy. I still can't believe I use the term "marvelous" to describe it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Friday, April 15, 1977

Let's skip school for something more important. I came home Randy was here. We watched my movies, TV, til 5:30. When he had to leave his bike had a flat. So after half an hour he decided to stay the night. All night we worked on my scrapbook and my movie star pictures. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Preview of All That Glitters, I'll talk about that on Monday. Went to bed at 2:00.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Thursday, April 14, 1977

Almost like yesterday. School is the same, old boring thing. So let's skip it. After school sat around. Forgot to write. I got two more Celopatra's but I'm missing the 3rd part of the movie. I spliced it all together. It's now a 400 foot film.

8:00- The Amazing Howard Hughes. 10:00- Mary Hartman.

Wednesday, April 13, 1977

Can't write to much today. School was the same. No one mentioned yesterday. So let's skip school. In fact, let's skip the whole day, until 8 went i was doing my homework. I watched The Amazing Howard Hughes. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Tonight Show. 12:00-30 I read The Coming of the Rats by the night light.

Tuesday, April 12, 1977

I hated today. I woke up with an upset stomach, but nothing would come out. So I went to school. With every pedal of my bike, the pain in my stomach got worse. In science, he was talking about heart attacks, but I wasn't listening because poo was starting to come out. It was sick! I raised my hand and ran out of the room. I went to the bathroom and poohed my guts out. There was already some in my pants, so I went to the office and they sent me home.

All afternoon I felt fine, but I didn't go back to school.

Monday, April 11, 1977

Felt sort of sick in school today. But I was okay. Don't want to write about it. At 8:00 went to Uncle Bruno's. Lauren and Gail were there. 8:30- watched the Critic's Choice awards. I missed Mary Hartman.

Well we went upstairs. Lauren told me that she sleep walks. I was so funny the way she told it. I was laughing all the way home. She also told me that they saw A Star is Born. How much I want to see that movie! Left at 11:00. They are on their spring vacation. Went to bed at 12:30.

I always loved being with Lauren and Gail. They were one of the few relatives that were my age. They were 2nd cousins. Because my mother had me so late in life and she was the 2nd youngest in her family, all my first cousins were twenty or twenty-five years older than me. This left me with many, many an evening with me sitting by myself in the livingroom while my parents played cards. I was really jealous of them because they had a mother who was so cool and hip, and took them to see R rated movies, and they went on vacations all the time. My parents were 55, and in 1977, 55 might as well have been 85.

Sunday, April 10, 1977

It's Easter! And it was the warmest, sunniest day of the year. Woke at 12:00. Today was a pretty boring day. In the afternoon finished reading "The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane". Mom was snapping photos of Mike, Cheryl, Dad and me.

From 7-11:30 watch The Ten Commandments. It was a long movie. Went to bed at 12:30.

Saturday, April 8, 1977

I hated this afternoon. My parents went downstairs and started screaming at me. I was so disturbed I sat in the bathroom and cried. Cher wanted to go to the store. We started to leave but then the phone rang. Cher went back and then said she had to go to Nancy's. I went to the library until 4.

I think it's interested I didn't write why my parents were so mad at me. But my mother in any case was very volatile during this period; perhaps menopause, and the stress of my sister getting married.