Sunday, May 6, 2007

Monday, April 11, 1977

Felt sort of sick in school today. But I was okay. Don't want to write about it. At 8:00 went to Uncle Bruno's. Lauren and Gail were there. 8:30- watched the Critic's Choice awards. I missed Mary Hartman.

Well we went upstairs. Lauren told me that she sleep walks. I was so funny the way she told it. I was laughing all the way home. She also told me that they saw A Star is Born. How much I want to see that movie! Left at 11:00. They are on their spring vacation. Went to bed at 12:30.

I always loved being with Lauren and Gail. They were one of the few relatives that were my age. They were 2nd cousins. Because my mother had me so late in life and she was the 2nd youngest in her family, all my first cousins were twenty or twenty-five years older than me. This left me with many, many an evening with me sitting by myself in the livingroom while my parents played cards. I was really jealous of them because they had a mother who was so cool and hip, and took them to see R rated movies, and they went on vacations all the time. My parents were 55, and in 1977, 55 might as well have been 85.

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Frankie said...

My parents were very old, too. I was the youngest of two youngest. I had cousins the same age as my parents.

It made for an awfully lonely childhood at family gatherings, that's for sure.