Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thursday, April 21, 1977

My speech was a failure. I got up there and read everything off of my paper. That was about a minute and a half. To make up time I said stupid things like, "Shirley Jones says to the American people that's it's luxurious to take a bath in Calgon."

Paul came over at 7. 9:00- Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30 - All That Glitters.

I've no memory of this speech or what class it was for...?

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Steve F. said...

Hi John...I linked to this page from Un-Easy Listening, which our mutual friend J. Schatz introduced me to lately, and I very much enjoy.

I was born on this day, although in Minnesota, where I now live again. I'm not sure if we met during my time in Chicago (96-01), but again, thanks for the music.