Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tuesday, April 12, 1977

I hated today. I woke up with an upset stomach, but nothing would come out. So I went to school. With every pedal of my bike, the pain in my stomach got worse. In science, he was talking about heart attacks, but I wasn't listening because poo was starting to come out. It was sick! I raised my hand and ran out of the room. I went to the bathroom and poohed my guts out. There was already some in my pants, so I went to the office and they sent me home.

All afternoon I felt fine, but I didn't go back to school.

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Mark said...

Day one of two to see Led Zeppelin in concert. This concert was at the old Met Stadium in Bloomington MN where the MN North Stars hockey team used to play. The concert was very mellow as far as crowds go (due to the tons of pot that were being smoked throughout the show) but the band was good and loud.