Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wednesday, April 13, 1977

Can't write to much today. School was the same. No one mentioned yesterday. So let's skip school. In fact, let's skip the whole day, until 8 went i was doing my homework. I watched The Amazing Howard Hughes. 10:00- Mary Hartman. 10:30- Tonight Show. 12:00-30 I read The Coming of the Rats by the night light.


Mark said...

My second night in a row seeing Led Zeppelin in concert, this time it was at the old St. Paul Civic Center where the MN Fighting Saints hockey team used to play. This concert got pretty wild and dangerous at times with chairs and things flying through the air. I think a lot of people never went to bed after the concert at the Met last night. I remember two turned over police cars and lots of mad cops. My friends and I all somehow made it home and we all probably slept for a week. We were all self-proclaimed 'suspended' from school that week and we were all in detention the next week. Oh my the good old days.

What happened to me, my long hair and constant experimentation with everything known to man? I am now an attorney, MY GOD, I THINK I TRANSFORMED INTO THE MAN!!!

Johnny C said...

Great idea to write your memories of that date... It sounds like the week suspension was worth it.

Mark said...

I really like the idea of the online diary. Having one from the past is so unique. It was fun reading because we are both of the same generation and general location.